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March 19, 2005



**"Despite this," he says, "we suspect that bloggers are likely to be opinion leaders in their local communities, and that they indicate the opinions of large numbers of Americans on a range of issues. The demographics of bloggers may not exactly match those of their communities, but we wouldn't be interested in them if they held unrepresentative opinions.**

Hmmm. While I think they're on to something, this sounds fishy to me. Bloggers as opinion leaders in the local community? Bloggers representing the opinions of large numbers of Americans on a range of issues? My first intuitive reaction to that is a "sorry, try again."

Hell, part of the reason that I blog is because I feel like I don't have a voice in my community. I'm a staff member and a grad student in a town whose leadership is desperately trying to turn it into another DFW bedroom community, a town that is the county seat of one of the most Republican and conservative counties in the state of Texas.

If anything if you look at the progressive blogs from across Texas (progressive blogs where more than 75% of the content is political commentary), they almost all arose because of NOT having a voice in their communities and in the state, i.e. they are most definitely unrepresentative opinions.

If they follow through on this research, I think they'll find that they will get some seriously counterintuitive (based on their intuition) results.

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