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February 04, 2006



If you ever needed proof that a certain someone doesn't read your blog, the fact that we're going on three whole days without comment on that Old 97's dig is pretty strong evidence.

Unsurprisingly I too share your "Polaris" concern. I really don't think the Truckers would wuss out on us like that, but in music there are no guarantees.


OK, I just listened to it. First impression: Possible child effect, something which bodes very ill for the whole album. It's not the same Southern gothic that DBT represent, there's nothing of unapologetic Southernness of "Southern Rock Opera", no darkness of "Decoration Day" and no beathen down everyman with a lighter like "The Dirty South". Second impression: It sounds kind of like a pop crossover tune. Also doesn't bode well for this album, but that's something that can be remedied, unlike the smarmy life change that goes along with having the first kid.

Shit. Now I'm going to be all nervy through the end of April.


that is some bull-shit. (hyphening for emphasis of each syllable)

seriously- the 97's rock out and I can't believe you're actually quoting Rolling Stone, aka the most useless music magazine. I'm not even going to get riled up because their opinion means nothing to me, and I expect as much from you.

(but doesn't mean it doesn't hurt a little)

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