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February 04, 2006



The two big things I feel he left out (I'm writing a Wiki entry for our first Wiki entry on this same subject) is selecting the install option to install XWin during upgrade or installation and immediately grabbing the most current stable Developer's Toolkit before you do anything else.

Thanks to your advice I've found that if you do that then whatever else you want to do later will usually fall into place (until you start compiling R!). I've got this box (banjo) tricked out, including fully funtioning F77/F90 and GCC, the binary data handling mods that he writes about along with R, Mathematica, Matlab, Aqua emacs and TexShop.

I like it now but I'll probably be cussing the next time GCC point releases.


I found Macresearches were very scientifically proven , fact and tested. I am reluctant that their assurance of having good scientific environment. This is my least perspective towards their research.


That seems to me a very good idea, I'm thinking to set it as as a Scientific Programming Environment and follow the steps provided above. Thanks, Neil from http://www.mywrestlingroom.com

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